The founder

Francesca Seegy Bohner,


Pharmacist and mother of two children, discovered the First Step Method , a holistic, intensive method as a therapy for her younger son. This therapy has inspired her and her husband to transform the room at Alte Landstrasse 4 in Kilcberg into a child-friendly space. 


After her son's treatment was successfully completed and the therapy had a positive influence on his development, she decided to offer this space as a meeting point for learning for children of different age groups.



The story

The house at Alte Landstrasse 4 in Kilchberg was the seat of the former printing plant VODAG, which published the "Kilchberger Gmeindeblatt". 


Since 2008 the headquarters of Kalixan AG, founded by Dr. Thomas Bohner, have been located at this address. The trained pharmacist, who himself suffers from allergies, has been marketing the hypoallergenic products Calisan he developed since 2005, which are exclusively available in pharmacies and drugstores. Since 2009, there are regular workshops for babies and children on the first floor of the house, besides other activities.