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Mom in Balance

Mom in Balance empowers moms (to-be) to feel fit and healthy so they have plenty of energy to positively balance their roles as a dun and loving caretaker, friend, partner and professional.

Mom in Balance is a pioneer in the development of prenatal and postnatal exercise programs and helped over 5'000 women to maintain an active  and healthy lifestyle. They offer well-balanced energy programs for moms (to-be). All programs have been designed by physicians and experts in the fields of pregnancy, exercise and food and nutrition.

In Switzerland they have 4 programs: •pregnant workout • back in shape workout •mom in shape workout • corporate program


Born in Poland, raised in Australia, Mags, is a bilingual and knows, through her own experience,  how quickly and naturally kids learn languages. She is a professional and highly passionate educator with multiple years of experience in teaching English. 


A certified Linguist, she is on a mission to:

Inspire and develop the exploration of the world, curiosity, creativity, courage, imagination and sense of wonder among children to let them discover themselves, their passions and their purpose in life.

Tiny Talk Baby Signing

TinyTalk helps families experience the amazing benefits of using sign language with their little ones - communicating and getting to know their babies long before they are able to talk. Babies have so much to say! What does your baby want to tell you?


Ruxi Balea Photography

Professional photographer Ruxi Balea loves making sure that the most gorgeous moments of your event are beautifully captured, without deleting anything from who you really are.


She offers the following services:

• Photo sessions

• Events / parties

• Wedding

• Product photography

• Corporate



Yamo, a Swiss company,  provides your little ones with the freshest, healthiest and 100% organic baby food without any additives. They use only raw materials from local, licensed, organic suppliers.

Your little ones deserve always the best, and Yamo offers them to grow up with the best food.


Mothering Matters

Since 1994, Mothering Matters has been providing parenting information, in English, for families in Switzerland. Since 2013, they have been offering an online journal focusing on the mothers, fathers and of course their children. It is run by a team of dedicated volunteers and remains not-for-profit; advertising and sponsorship contribute to the running costs and charitable organisations Mothering Matters supports.

EVK: Parents Club Kilchberg

Kilchberg Parents Club organises events for parents and children of Kilchberg, as well as offering useful information on their needs and interests. You live in the area? Then you must check out their website and take the opportunity to connect with parents and children of the area. 

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