First Step Assessment & Therapy

The First Step method was developed by Feldenkreis therapist Shai Silberbush from Tel Aviv. The method is based on the meticulous and precise observation of childhood development. First Step therapy acts as a support to stimulate motor and sensory development where there is a delay or lack of a development step. It is a holistic and intensive therapy, which is applied in collaboration with parents.


A First Step Assessment takes place in pleasant and relaxed environment both for the parents and the baby/child. The therapy benefits children with different diseases or development disorders such as cerabral palsy, autism or developmental delays. Many children with are diseases have already been treated with this method and financially supported by the Foundation for Rare Diseases. Also the Association for the Brain Injured Children published an article about this method in their children bulletin.The Association for Children with Rare Diseases also published some testimonials:  Benedikt, Karli.


Shai Silberbush carries out private assessments in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. If you are interested please contact Francesca Seegy at +41 79 240 30 29,  or send us your message below:

Examples of diseases which are treated with First-Step Therapy

Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome: The Story of Giovanni

Genetic mutation of the KCNQ2 gene

The Stroy of Yann- Therapy supported by AEMO

The Story of Mila with Cerebral Palsy

AEMO supporting First-Step Therapy

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First Step Brochüre
Description about the First Step Therapy
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HIKI Bulltin, 1-2013
Artikel über die First Step Therapie
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Kindern mit Entwicklungsverzögerungen fördern
Nie wieder lernt ein Mensch so viel in so kurzer Zeit wie in seinen ersten Lebensmonaten....
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First Step in Italiano
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