First-Step Workshops for babies (0-12 months): Supporting sensory and motor development

Francesca Seegy offers workshops for babies aged 0 to 12 months, from birth until they can walk independently. In the workshops, parents learn how to soothe their baby more easily and how they can best support their sensory and motor development with practical tools and methods. Our workshops are also offered as individual lessons for babies with torticollis, hip dysplasia, severe reflux or sleep disorders.

Private lesson at Himmelblaues

CHF 100.-/ hour at Himmelblaues


Private lesson at home

CHF 100.-/ hour & CHF 60.-/hour for travel


Semi-private lesson at Himmelblaues (2 moms & babies)

CHF 50.- /per baby


Semi-private lesson at another location (2 moms & babies)

CHF 50.- /per baby + CHF 30.-/hour for travel


Group lesson at Himmelblaues (min 3, max 5 baby/mom couple)

CHF 30.- /per baby


 Workshop regulations:

  • Please register below for the workshop you would like to attend
  • Cancellations period is until 48 hours before the course
  • One course consists of 4 lessons: For the group workshops the first course is a trial lesson (CHF 30.-), if you would like to follow the rest of the course you pay CHF 90.- for the remaining 3 lessons
  • In case you miss a lesson, you can make it up during the next course or another course of your choice

Baby Come Home: 0-3 months

Handling of crying • Sleep patterns • Prone position • Lateral position • Different types of contact • Baby carrying sling

Roller: 3-6 months

•Eye-hand coordination • Turning and rolling exercises • Creeping • Equilibrium system • Communication•

Crawler 6-9 months

Turning around one's own axis • From crawling to crawl • Learning to sit independently • Communication


Transitions • Developmental and behavioural insights • Starting to speak • Eating: an aspect of development 

First Step Baby Questionnaire
We kindly ask the mothers to fill in this questionnaire before they join the workshop.
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Deutsches Workshop Flyer
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English Wokshop flyer
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