Do you need a nanny to take care of your little monkeys occasionally: when you are out for an evening, on weekends when you have visitors, during your morning workout or shopping time, for weekend fun activities, or during school holidays


I am a student in Analytical Psychology at ISAP Zurich, training to become a psychotherapist. Next to my studies, I work for Himmelblaues, in the organization of activities and workshop, as well as being a part-time nanny for two beautiful families in the afternoons.


I have significant experience with children as nanny, private tutor, and a "older sister". I genuinely like being with children, understanding them, and representing a bridge between their world and adult world. I aim at contributing in the unfolding of their interests, capabilities and skills for their future life. I speak English, French and Turkish; I have already worked with kids who don't fully speak English; with kids you can always go beyond the explanatory power of the language ;)